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20 June 2013

Planet Challenge: Avatar PlayThrough #1

Welcome to Best simulation Gaming. Planet  Challenge Please enter your Nickname


Is This OK?


Player Created. Please click the Generate Planet to Begin the Game.

[Generate Planet]

Starting the Life with Big_Bang.exe
Rendering the Universe
Rendering the Galaxy
Rendering the Solar system

Planet Created
Insert name for the Planet

[Kadur Ha’arets]
Rendering to more familiar names

“Earth” in English, Do you accept this name?

Earth Created
Rendering the History of Earth
Start a New Life form.
Rinse and repeat until sentient Created
Sentient created: Homo Sapien

Would you like to choose avatar Now?


Avatar Available: Adam, Eve, [Fast Forward … Years]

[Fast Forward 60 Years]

Avatar Available: Adam, Eve, Cain, Cain’s Twin, Abel, Abel’s Twin, [Fast Forward years]

[Fast Forward 80 Years]

Avatar available: Adam (old age), Eve (Old Age), Cain (Cursed), Abel’s Twin, Seth, Cain’s Twin, [Fast forward … Years]

[Fast Forward 400 Years]

Avatar Available: …, Enoch, Lamech, Noah, …. [Fast Forward … Years]

“engg…. Noah!”

You Choose Enoch

Rendering The Backstory…


Enoch as Avatar Aborted, Removing Enoch from the Earth
Enoch removed. Please Select your new Avatar.


You Choose Noah

Rendering the Backstory…
Do You want to edit the Backstory and Lineage?

Noah Can Be Played Now.
Set your method to Conquer Earth: Coercion, Expedition, Converting Faith, Supremacy.
[Converting Faith]

Task Created: Story begin.
Have fun.


Alert: you’re gonna die within 350 years, And you hasn’t progressed far with your Converting.


Opening console

“SV_Reset-Earth 1”
Reseting Earth with random Disaster…
Are You sure, Any Object Renderized  will be eliminated, Make a backup Beforehand?

“Help? Backup”
Backup is a program to save some if not all Favorite Object on the Earth, For current condition we recommend an Ark and later use Reset-earth Great-Flood

Noah’s Ark Activated,
Now Choose Objects to be Backed up.

[Noah Family]
[Terran Animal]
[Aviator Animal]
[Marine Animal]

Alert! : Marine animal would be Saved even without back-up

[Noah’s Family]
[Terran Animal]
[Aviator Animal]

Alert!: These Terran and Aviator Animal can only be tamed if your avatar have 50 More Years: Dragons, Unicorn, Phoenix and Pokemon  (all of them).
[Try to Tame them], [Abandon them]

[Abandon Them]

Noah’s Ark Compiled.

“Sv_Reset-Earth Great-Flood”
Great Flood Executed.

Congratulation You Win
you Conquer the Earth by being the Single Family in Earth.

Evaluation Points: 30 (Score: D-) Please don’t use Console Command in the Next Avatar PlayThrough.


This Story is a Made up Fiction, So yeah. You can Flame Them, but Whatever.

Next Avatar PlayThrough: Solomon